About Us

We are Adam Thomas and Sabina Macintyre, two passionate yoga and mediation teachers based in Totnes, Devon. While we had very different introductions to yoga and meditation, we had a shared experience in sitting silent meditation retreats at Hridaya Yoga in Mexico, which prompted a huge turning point in both of our lives.

Since then, we have both fully dedicated our lives to the pursuit of yoga (union), in a holistic and fully integrated way. This included spending two years of in-depth study and practice of hatha yoga at Hridaya Yoga, as well as service as Karma Yogis and sitting many, many, meditation retreats.

We have recently returned to England and are very excited to be sharing the joys of yoga with the people of Totnes and the wider Devon community.

It is our passion to share yoga in a multitude of forms, in a way that is authentic and affordable.

We feel so blessed to be sharing these practices and teachings that have had such a profound impact on our lives.

Kalyan Yoga is a profound and sincere spiritual school of yoga and meditation which I wholeheartedly recommend attending. The teachers are knowledgeable practitioners who dedicate their lives to the practice and to teaching and this is clearly felt in the classes they give. They share their passion in earnest, with kindness, clarity and enthusiasm! I followed a wonderful meditation class with Sabina, in which we learned a Buddhist meditation technique based on the breath. She made meditation very approachable for me, and made me fall in love this technique, which I continue to practice to this day. I am very grateful to both Adam and Sabina for creating this little haven in England and opening it to us all!

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