Adam Thomas

Yoga Teacher in Totnes

It was a search for lasting happiness that brought Adam to yoga. Having searched for happiness outside of himself, going from one high to another, through substance abuse, travel and other sense stimulation, it became clear that the craving of the senses could never be completely satisfied through searching outside of one’s Self. 

Wherever there was an attachment to a high, as soon as this high would fade, it would be replaced with a low. So life was somewhat like a rollercoaster, high, low, high, low and so on. From this a longing for a more calm and equanimous life grew.

Later would he realise that it was the attachment to the high that was causing suffering. He started to understand that life will always be a rollercoaster full of highs and lows and whether we suffer along the way is a choice. 

Adam strongly believes that through non-attachment and awareness of our essential nature, we can choose to live and love with an open Heart.

On reading the words, for the first time, of St Francis of Assisi, ‘What we are looking for is what is looking,’ the whole world seemed to disappear for a moment. For the first time Adam looked at himself and continues to do so as much as possible. Knowing that lasting happiness, peace or liberation is not even something that can be found, rather it is revealed when the mind is quiet and spacious. 

Through the teachings of yoga and the practice of yoga, Adam aims to create the right conditions in which to open to lasting happiness within himself and live with an open Heart.

Adam started practising yoga in 2014, but not until completing a ten day silent meditation retreat in 2016 did he find stability in the practice. During this retreat, he connected to a deeper aspect of his being which inspired him to gradually turn his life more towards yoga and meditation, integrating life into spirituality. 

Adam is currently a yoga teacher in Totnes having moved back to the UK with his partner at the start of 2020.

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