Anahata Ma

Anahata Ma

We do classes by donation to help raise money for Anahata Ma.

Anahata Ma is a charity that works to provide food, basic health care and other material needs for a small orphanage of twelve children in Kerala, South India. They also build water wells in the surrounding tribal areas. Each water well built supplies approximately 20-30 families access to clean safe drinking water. More information about what Anahata Ma does can be found here.

Sunitha and Rosama, daughter and mother. They reside in the jungle with Sunitha’s husband and their two children Nidhin and Nihil. They have been living here for 35 years. Everyday they would carry water for 2 kilometres up a steep, rocky hill. Thanks to generous donations, Anahata Ma built a rainwater harvesting tank on their land. This tank will not only provide clean drinking water for their family, but for the 30+ families in their community.

Keep an eye out for upcoming classes that help to raise money for Anahata Ma.

If you feel inspired then you can also donate here. 100% of your donations go directly towards feeding and housing orphaned children, bringing clean water systems and sustainable community development to rural villages in Kerala, South India.

‘If you do not do seva—selfless service, you have just let your soul go hungry. Selfless service to others is the food of the soul.

Yogi Bhajan