Corporate Yoga

Having experience working in the corporate world, we understand the importance of taking time each day to breathe and reconnect with ourselves. This is why we offer prāṇāyāma classes, (breath control), to workplaces across Devon.

Some of the main benefits of practising prāṇāyāma include, mental calmness, reduced anxiety, respiratory health and energetic balance. 

We offer guided group prāṇāyāma sessions. The prāṇāyāma techniques offered at each class will depend on the needs and experience of the class. We usually commence with 20 minutes of rhythmic breathing, to energise the body and bring focus to the mind. This is then followed by a calming and balancing breathing exercise such as ‘nadi shodhana’ (alternate nostril breathing) or ‘sama vritti’ (equal breathing).

Price: £50 per 45 minute session (longer and shorter sessions can be made available and prices adjusted accordingly).

We come to you. Classes can be done in an empty office space or lunchroom, on chairs or mats/cushions on the ground. What is most important is that the space is quiet and will be undisturbed.

We offer classes before and after work and also offer lunchtime classes. Please contact us so we can help develop a package that best suits your business.

‘Most people undervalue the powers of the breath, but the early Jesuits in the West and the early Yogis in India knew better, for they embodied breathing exercises in their system of training. Those who have not studied the subject cannot realise what striking changes can be brought about in the body and the mind through the simple means of changing the breath rhythm.’

Paul Brunton, ‘The Secret Path’, western disciple of Ramana Maharshi


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