Current Offerings

Current Offerings

We teach regular hatha yoga classes throughout the week in studios across South Devon. Our classes are gentle and are practiced in a contemplative style. We often describe it as ‘meditation in motion’. This style of hatha yoga can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age and experience. We practice mainly with our eyes closed, to help us to interiorise, and a non-pushing attitude is a must.

We offer full and half day workshops on meditation, hatha yoga, and other yogic practices and philosophy across the UK. Each workshop is comprehensive, you will be guided in the practice of new techniques and provided with take home materials, so you can continue the practice of what you have learnt at home.

We also offer residential silent meditation retreats across the UK. These days dedicated to silence create the best conditions for a re-connection to our deepest essence.

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Meditation Workshops

Learn the tools to start your own meditation practice

Hatha Yoga in Devon

View schedules, class styles and teachers

Silent Meditation Retreats

3 and 5 day retreats dedicated to silence and reconnecting to the heart

Online Meet Ups

Free guided meditations, to help you develop and maintain a daily meditation practice

Private Classes

Bespoke yoga classes, tailored for you, in the privacy of your own home

Corporate Yoga

Gift your employees the opportunity to breathe and reconnect during the work day

Past Events

Check out some of our past offerings to the community


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