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Hridaya Hatha Yoga

Hridaya hatha yoga is a form of classical hatha yoga practiced in a contemplative style. We often describe it as ‘meditation in motion’.

The practice is mostly performed with the eyes closed and we generally hold the āsanas for longer than other styles. This helps us to interiorise and connect with the more subtle aspects of our being.

The practice is slow and gentle and at the same time, deeply energising. We practice with a non-pushing attitude, striking a balance between effort and relaxation.

Level: Hridaya Hatha Yoga is for everyone! People of all ages, body shapes, sizes and ability are welcome. No prior experience necessary, you will be fully guided throughout the session.

Please let us know, prior to class commencing, if you are pregnant or post-natal or if you have an injury. This way we can tailor the class, so it is safest for your body – there are lots of easy ways to add variations and make the whole class accessible to everyone.

If you are new to yoga, then check out some of our handy tips and hints.

Meditative Yoga

with Sabina

Every Saturday, 9:30am – 11:00am

Eversfield Organic Wellness Loft
The Plains, Totnes
Devon TQ9 5DW

Saturdays are our most gentle class – an ideal class if you are new to yoga, are easing back into your practice or simply want to cultivate deep relaxation.

Hatha Yoga for Men

with Adam

The intention of this class is to provide an encouraging and supportive space for men to come together and practice Hatha Yoga. Ideal for all levels of experience.

“Through his calm and loving presence, Adam creates a space where one really feels at home and his classes mirror the depth he has reached in his own practice. Such a gift to be able to go on this journey inside with him. Sabina emanates so much love and motherly care in her classes and through this really makes it easy for her students to go deeper and fully let go, meeting the present moment in a loving embrace.”
Eva RM

What to Bring

Please bring your own mat, blanket and any props you may want to use during the session. Please bring your own water in bottles (the water dispenser will not be available).

Hatha Yoga: Wear comfortable clothing that you feel confident to move in. Layers are recommended, so you can best regulate your body temperature. It is particularly important that we have warm layers (especially jumpers and socks) for the shavasana at the end of class.


Please do not come to class if you are unwell and kindly inform us.

We will be observing social distancing. All individuals are required to keep 1 metre plus distance (unless you are part of the same household). For hatha yoga, mats will be spaced a minimum of 1.5 metres apart.

Hand sanitiser will be available. We encourage you to please use this at the beginning and end of the session.

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