Join us for a full day workshop specifically designed to teach you all the necessary tools to start your own meditation practice.

Date: Coming Soon
Location: TBC
Time: 10am – 4.30pm (including lunch break)
Cost: £45 or £30 for low income

Coming Soon

This workshop will be interactive, practical and thought provoking!
Ideal for complete beginners and also experienced meditators who want to expand and develop their meditation practice.

Our daily meditation practice is at the very core of our lives. It is a constant anchor back to presence, which is absolutely critical in today’s busy world. In our experience, a daily meditation practice is by far the most effective tool to realise the incredible potentiality of meditation and to really start to taste the depth of this practice.

You will receive comprehensive materials so you can continue your learning and practice at home.

You will learn:

monks seated in meditation

Why we meditate. We will explore the deeper reasons for why so many meditative traditions have developed and what the true purpose of meditation is.


Meditation postures. Learn how to sit correctly (very important if we have a daily practice, and especially if we want to sit for longer periods of time). We will learn a mix of classical and modern meditation postures, as well as hand mudras.


Practical tips & hints. Establishing a daily meditation practice isn’t always the easiest. We will share practical tips gained from experience. This will include the use of aids and exercises that can make sitting more comfortable.

statue of Buddha

Different techniques from a range of spiritual traditions. We will explore meditations from a range of spiritual traditions including Kashmir Shaivism (an offset of Hinduism), and a meditation inspired by Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, a non-dual sage from the 19th century.

Coming Soon

Scholarship Opportunity

We are offering a scholarship place on this workshop, open to persons with limited financial resources. To apply simply message us explaining why you feel inspired to join.

We will contact the successful applicant two weeks prior to the workshop.


What to Bring

Bring an open mind – as with most things, the more open you are the more you are likely to get from the workshop.

We will be in the gorgeous Lotus Loft Yoga & Pilates Centre in the heart of Exeter, which is fully equipped. Please bring cosy layers (the body temperature can drop when seated for longer periods of time). Plus, it is super cosy to meditate wrapped up warm.

Bring a journal and pen for taking notes (although we will circulate comprehensive materials about the meditations so you can continue your practice at home).

“The way that Adam and Sabina explained each meditation technique was absolutely brilliant. It was clear and easy but with a very deep knowledge. The level between theoretical and practical matters was ideal to all of us (beginners and with experience). Adam and Sabina are so genuine and peaceful human beings, with so much light that they spread to all of us. They spoke from their heart and that is the most beautiful way and technique to learn from someone.”

Cecilia, Macclesfield

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