Meditation Workshops

Meditation Workshops

Curious about meditation, but not sure where to start?

We offer one and two day workshops specifically designed to teach you all the necessary tools to start your own meditation practice.

Perfect for beginners – no prior meditation or yoga experience required.

You will learn:
-Why we meditate.
-Classical meditation postures, as well as practical tips on how to meditate and develop a daily practice.
-Different meditation techniques from a range of spiritual traditions – so you can see what meditation style resonates with you.

We will explore breath meditations from Tibetan Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism.

We will also explore the realm of the Heart, through Hridaya Meditation, a unique meditation inspired by the teachings of 20th century sage Ramana Maharshi.

You will be provided with take home guidance materials so you can continue the practice of these meditations at home.

Price: £75
Early Bird special: £55 for the first ten bookings!

What to Bring:
-We provide mats, bolsters, blankets and chairs. Tea making facilities and herbal teas will also be provided.
-There will be a lot of sitting and meditation, so if you have a favourite meditation cushion or meditation stool, then you are welcome to bring these.
-Please wear comfortable and warm clothes. The venue is heated, but it’s nice to be snuggly when meditating. Layers (and socks!) are recommended.
-Please bring a water bottle.
-Please bring a pen and journal to take notes.

‘Adam and Sabina are wonderful, insightful teachers who share from the heart. I attended one of their 2 day workshops on the fundamentals of meditation, where we were introduced to the wonders of this practice. They provided us with a friendly and nurturing space in which to learn and I hope to be a part of another workshop in the future. Thank you!’

Elle, Manchester

‘I went along to the Fundamentals of Meditation workshop knowing very little about meditation and having never practiced meditation before. The workshop was very well put together, interesting and fun. Everyone was made to feel very comfortable right from the start. Strong recommendation!’

Rob, Stockport

‘I had the opportunity to attend the workshop of ‘Fundamentals of Meditation’ that Adam and Sabina facilitated in Macclesfield. In a few words this was a gift of life. They gave me peace in a troubled time. They reminded me that you can’t control nothing, rather than your own mind. That life is just life, and what matters is your perception about it. That is why meditation is such an important tool, because it gives you the inner power that you will never find outside yourself.’

Cecilia, Macclesfield