Fundamentals of Meditation Online Course

A Four Week Introspection into the Source of Life

4 October – 1 November 2020

Course Description

Curious about the art of meditation but don’t know where to begin?

Join our comprehensive Fundamentals of Meditation Online Course, guided by two experienced meditation practitioners, Sabina and Adam. (Learn more about us here).

Our daily meditation practice is at the very core of our lives. It is a constant anchor back to presence, which is absolutely critical in today’s busy world. In our experience, a daily meditation practice is by far the most effective tool to realise the incredible potentiality of meditation and to really start to taste the depth of this practice, which is the exploration of the Self.

This course is ideal for complete beginners and also experienced meditators who want to expand and develop their meditation practice.

You will learn the ABCs of meditation, including:

  • why we meditate;
  • classical meditation postures; and
  • the practicalities of how to meditate.

There is a saying that ‘there are as many paths as there are aspirants‘ and in our experience this is true! We have had the privilege to learn many different meditation techniques from a variety of traditions. The course includes four weeks of online lectures and guidance, where we will explore four meditation techniques. From here, you’ll be able to see what style resonates with you most.

We will explore meditations from Kashmir Shaivism (an offset of Hinduism), Tibetan Buddhism and Sufism (the mystical branch of Islam). We will then conclude the course with Hridaya meditation (a collection of heart based meditation techniques) and an introduction to the Self-enquiry method of Ramana Maharshi, a non-dual sage from the 19th century.

We also offer three guided group meditations sessions per week to help you find depth and stability in each meditation. We know that it can be difficult to sit for long periods of time in the beginning. For weeks one and two we will meditate for 30 minutes per session. In week three we will increase this to 45 minutes and in the final week we will be meditating for a full 60 minutes! The class schedule for the guided meditations can be found here.

If you are are curious about meditation and would like to learn the tools to start your own practice…. or, if you are already a meditation practitioner and you would like to learn another technique or re-establish a daily practice, then this Fundamentals of Meditation course is for you!

Course Content and Schedule

22 September: Free Introductory Session and Q&A

In this free introductory session we will share more about the practice of meditation. This session will include a short introduction to the weekly topics and techniques that we will explore, as well as an opportunity for Q&A at the end.

Upon Registration: Classical meditation postures

This will be made available to those who have registered, to watch prior to the orientation session. Here we will cover a variety of classical meditation postures to help you sit more comfortably when meditating, as well as practical tips on how to meditate and develop a daily practice.

4 October: Orientation Session & Why we Meditate

This will be the first session for those who have registered for the course. We will open with a sharing ‘circle’ where we all introduce ourselves. We will follow with an overview of the course contents and schedule, before exploring the foundational question ‘Why do we meditate?’. We will conclude with an opportunity for Q&A.

Three Guided Group Meditation Sessions Each Week

We will offer guided group meditations each week on Tuesday evening at 7:30pm and Thursday morning at 7:00am. On Sunday evenings at 7:30pm followed by a group sharing and Q&A on that weeks meditation technique.

We will be building up the length of our meditations over the duration of the course:

  • Weeks one and two, 30 minute meditation sessions
  • Week three, 45 minute meditation sessions
  • Week four, one hour meditation sessions
5 October: Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Technique

This is really two techniques in one and they are inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition known as ‘Mahamudra’. The first technique prepares us for the second by quieting our mind. In fact the first technique can be used as a tool to quieten the mind before we practice any objectless meditation. They have no religious connotation.

12 October: Kashmir Shaivist Meditation Technique

A very simple and efficient method for quietening the mind and opening ourselves to experience an all pervasive background of stillness, or our fundamental essence. A very effective method to practice alongside Self-enquiry.

19 October: Sufi Meditation Technique

This technique is a way of opening ourselves toward the inherent spiritual domain of our being. This technique re-connects us to our Spiritual Heart. The Spiritual Heart is just another way of describing our fundamental essence. We bring our awareness from our mind, down into the Heart and by doing so, we develop the sense and sensitivity of the Heart, seen as an organ of spiritual knowledge.

26 October: Hridaya Meditation and Self-Enquiry

Hridaya Meditation is a spiritual path in itself. It is a way of revealing our fundamental essence, the Supreme Self or the “Spiritual Heart,” as it is called in many traditions.

From a technical point of view, it consists of three attitudes:

  • The awareness of the Heart centre
  • The awareness of short pauses after inhalation and exhalation
  • Self-enquiry

Ramana Maharshi on Self-enquiry:

What is essential in any sadhana (spiritual practice) is to try to bring back the running mind and fix it on one thing only. Why then should it not be brought back and fixed in Self-attention. That alone is Self-enquiry. That is all that is to be done.’

1 November: Closing and Final Sharing

We will begin as usual with morning meditation and Q&A on the meditation technique of the week. We will then open to a Q&A session for the entire course, followed by a sharing ‘circle’ where we share some of the main challenges and highlights of the course. To conclude, there will be a short gratitude meditation.

“Gaining enlightenment is an accident. Meditation makes us accident prone.”

-Suzuki Roshi-

Key Information

Dates: 4 October – 1 November 2020

Sessions: The course beings with an Orientation Session and foundational lecture on Sunday, 4 October, 7:30PM (BST).

Lecture and Q&A sessions are on Mondays, starting 5 October, 7.30pm-8.45pm.

Additionally we host three guided group meditation sessions each week.

Schedule: Full class schedule available here.

Course Fee: £55 per person.

Location: All live sessions will be held on Zoom. This is a free and secure platform for online meetings. More information about how to register for Zoom and the meetings will be provided upon registration.

Not in the UK? You can still join! Check out the class schedule for different time zones.

If you can’t make a live session, then this is no problem at all. You will receive recordings of all the lectures and one guided meditation per week, so you can catch up when it suits you.


...Her first encounter occurred spontaneously in 2007, when she attended a satsang at a Sri Chinmoy Centre in Auckland. The monk shared about nirvana and samsara and revealing our ‘buddha nature’. Even though she didn’t understand everything he was sharing, the monk’s words lit the spark in her heart and was the beginning of what was to become a lifelong journey exploring the path of meditation...


It was a search for lasting happiness that brought Adam to yoga. Having searched for happiness outside of himself, going from one high to another, through substance abuse, travel and other sense stimulation, it became clear that the craving of the senses could never be completely satisfied through searching outside of one’s Self...

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Although you will participate in this course from the comfort of your own home, we will be in close communication to offer the support you need.

  • Every Tuesday you will receive a video recording of the Monday lecture (in case you cannot make the live session or want to refer back to it). You will also receive a comprehensive guide related to that week’s meditation technique.
  • You will also receive a video recording of one guided meditation per week in case you cannot make the live session or if you wish to use the video for personal practice.
  • We are of course always available via emails for any one on one support.

What People Are Saying

‘Adam and Sabina are wonderful, insightful teachers who share from the heart. I attended one of their workshops on the fundamentals of meditation, where we were introduced to the wonders of this practice. They provided us with a friendly and nurturing space in which to learn and I hope to be a part of another workshop in the future. Thank you!’
Elle, Manchester

‘I went along to the Fundamentals of Meditation workshop knowing very little about meditation and having never practised meditation before. The workshop was very well put together, interesting and fun. Everyone was made to feel very comfortable right from the start. Strong recommendation!’
Rob, Stockport

‘The way that Adam and Sabina explained each meditation technique was absolutely brilliant. It was clear and easy but with a very deep knowledge. The level between theoretical and practical matters was ideal to all of us (beginners and with experience). Adam and Sabina are so genuine and peaceful human beings, with so much light that they spread to all of us. They spoke from their heart and that is the most beautiful way and technique to learn from someone.’
Cecelia, Macclesfield


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