Online Meditation Meet Up

We will be hosting 6 weeks of Hridaya Meditation online.

Each meditation will last 30 minutes and will be guided. Please join at the beginning of the session if you would like the full guidance.

Don’t worry if you miss a session (or even a few). We won’t be keeping tabs on whether you come to meditation or not. We are facilitating these meditations as a support for those of you are developing a daily meditation practice and for anyone who wants a community of people to meditate with.

All Meet Ups are completely free.

Dates & Times

Meet Ups will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, commencing on 1 April and ending on 13 May.

Meditation will commence at 6.00am sharp (BST British Summer Time).

New to Hridaya Meditation?

Sahajananda, founder of Hridaya Yoga and Hridaya Meditation, explains more about this heart based meditation in this video.

We also welcome any and all questions via email or we can organise to chat.


Email us to sign up:

Joining from outside the UK?

You are welcome to join from anywhere in the world. We recommend using to see what the corresponding time and date will be for you.

Comparable times for 1 April:

  • New Zealand: 18:00
  • Sydney & Melbourne: 16:00
  • Perth: 13:00
  • Taiwan: 13:00
  • New Delhi: 10:30
  • Cape Town: 07:00
  • Florence & Rome: 07:00
  • Berlin: 07:00
  • Mexico City and Oaxaca: 23:00
  • Guatemala: 23:00
  • New York: 01:00 (midnight meditation anyone?)
  • Toronto: 01:00
  • British Columbia: 22:00

Joining the Meeting

The platform we use to host the meeting is ZOOM Cloud Meetings.  You can download the app on your iPhone and/or on your PC/Mac.  

Enter the meeting by including the meeting ID: 465 461 079. The meeting password is: 190213

You can also enter the meeting by clicking on the link we will send you via email. We will only send you the email once, with all the meetings in it, so make sure keep hold of the email.

Gongs during Meditation

Each session will last 30 minutes. We will commence the session with three gongs. The first two gongs are an indication to settle into a comfortable meditation posture. After the third gong, it is recommended that you are settled and ready to start meditation.

We will close the session with a final gong and a short consecration and blessing for the new day.

Meeting Rules

  • We have set the meeting settings so everyone should be muted upon entry. This has been done to minimise background noise. Please do not turn your microphone on during the meeting.
  • If you experience technical difficulties, then please message us via email (
  • Please try to enter 2-5 minutes prior to meditation start, because entries to Zoom can make a noise that will be distracting for others when meditation has commenced. 
  • Please refrain from using ‘Chat’ in order to keep all energy focused on meditation and to minimise disruptions to the group.  
  • Please do not use the ‘Capture’ function (which takes photos) during meetings in order to preserve confidentiality.
  • Enjoy this precious time connecting to the infinite space of the Heart! <3