Yoga Teacher in Totnes

Originally hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Sabina started her spiritual journey with slow and tentative steps at the age of 21.

Her first encounter occurred spontaneously in 2007, when she attended a satsang at a Sri Chinmoy Centre in Auckland. The monk shared about nirvana and samsara and revealing our ‘buddha nature’. Even though she didn’t understand everything he was sharing, the monk’s words lit the spark in her heart and was the beginning of what was to become a lifelong journey exploring the path of meditation.

In the years that followed, Sabina explored a number of styles of meditation, including practices from Theravada Buddhism, Kadampa Buddhism, and also practices from contemporary mindfulness meditation teachers.

In those early years, she certainly wouldn’t describe her meditation practice as steady! Life was busy, and days were full – Sabina completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland and then went on to practice several years as a commercial lawyer. Meditation would ebb and flow from her life – a practice that she valued and employed when times were challenging, but not part of the fabric of everyday life.

Her journey on the spiritual path accelerated in a radical way after completing a ten day silent meditation retreat at Hridaya Yoga in the beach town of Mazunte, Mexico. The retreat experience was deeply transformative and inspiring, so much so, she halted her legal career and dedicated herself full-time to the practice of hatha yoga, meditation and karma yoga at Hridaya Yoga for the following two years.

During these two years, Sabina developed a deep love for the practice of Hatha Yoga. She found the Hatha Yoga taught at Hridaya especially inspiring, because it guides us in a journey of developing intimate inner knowledge of our physical body, energies, and chakras (energy centers). On an even deeper level, Hridaya Hatha Yoga helps us to open our hearts and bring awareness to our inner most essence.

Sabina completed Hatha Yoga Modules 1-4 at Hridaya Yoga, accumulating over 261 hours of Yoga Alliance certified continuing education. Sabina additionally completed the 500 hour (Yoga Alliance certified) teacher training course.

Since the first meditation retreat in 2017, Sabina went on to sit many more long meditation retreats, at Hridaya Yoga and also at S.N. Goenka Vipassana Centres in India.  

Yoga is now the core of Sabina’s life, with life shaped around the practice of meditation and hatha yoga.

She feels deeply inspired and blessed to be sharing these teachings of the heart.

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