Silent Meditation Retreats

Silent Meditation Retreats

We offer silent meditation and yoga retreats across the United Kingdom. 

These days dedicated to silence, are a profound journey of self reconnection.

Each retreat is fully guided by our teachers. We present the yogic philosophy underlying each meditation and offer nightly Q&A (by way of written questions), so you can gain the best possible understanding.

We guide and supervise all meditation practices, creating safe and supportive conditions for you to go deeper into your meditation practice.

Gentle hatha yoga sessions are provided each day to balance and invigorate the energies of the body.

Every aspect our retreats are fully dedicated to creating the best conditions for the revelation of our true essence and the awakening of our hearts.

‘Why are you knocking at every other door? Go knock at the door of your own heart’.



We present a number of meditation practices from a range of spiritual traditions. Each practice is shared free from dogma and on the basis of non-dual philosophy.

Throughout the retreat we will share sacred poetry and spiritual literature of saints, sages and mystics across the ages. We turn to these masters for the words that explore the greatest questions of this life and ignite the fires of our soul.

Non-duality (Advaita vendanta)

All the teachings of these retreats are based on the philosophy of non-duality or ‘advaita vedanta’ in Sanskrit.  Known as the pearl of Indian philosophy, advaita vedanta has influenced virtually all schools of Indian thought.  At the core of this philosophy is the understanding that there is no separation between anyone or anything. There is a shared consciousness that lies beyond the realms of the mind and personality and this can be experienced directly through the practice of meditation.

‘In seeking you discover that you are neither the body nor mind, and the love of the self in you is for the self in all. The two are one. The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one, seek unity and that is love.’

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Silence (Mauna)

The entire retreat, (including breaks and meals), will be conducted in silence, or ‘mauna’ as it is termed in Sanskrit.

Mauna means not only to refrain from speaking, but also from gesturing and any other kind of communication. (Urgent needs and pertinent questions can of course always be expressed in writing to the retreat leaders).

The observance of mauna is fundamental to creating the proper conditions to allow us to go deeper in our practice of meditation. Pausing social interaction allows the mental energies connected with communication to cease and be redirected to the practice of self exploration.

Training ourselves to not speak for a few days, (or even more), is a powerful way to purify the mind and develop a greater awareness of speech.

‘Silence is unceasing eloquence. It is the best language. There is a state when words cease and silence prevails.’

Ramana Maharshi

Upcoming Retreats

There are no retreats currently scheduled but will be soon! Please check this page for updates.