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Inner Transition

When, Location & Price

Dates & Time

Starting 21st June

Every Monday, 12:30 – 13:30


Totnes Natural Health Centre, Waterside, The Plains.

Totnes TQ9 5DW


Donation, £3 suggested

Your donation will help cover the cost of room hire at the Totnes Natural Health Centre and also help support Transition Town Totnes and Inner Transition.


Time to Breathe is part of the Inner Transition group of Transition Town Totnes.

Time to Breathe is a community meditation and mindfulness class in the heart of Totnes. We offer a space for the Totnes community to come together and dedicate time towards inner transition.

“If we accept that our inner and outer worlds are entwined, making an outer systemic change must also involve some kind of inner shift.

If we accept that the outer world is influenced by our diverse and respective worldviews, then it follows that we cannot create a truly different external world without getting to know and making changes within our inner landscape.”

Transition Network

You will learn a variety of simple techniques from different spiritual traditions to help quieten your mind and open your heart.

These techniques include; gentle movement, breathing exercises, full body relaxation, breath and heart based meditations and self-enquiry.

Join us for a time of relaxation, reconnection and self-remembrance.

“Adam and Sabina are wonderful, insightful teachers who share from the heart. I attended one of their 2 day workshops on the fundamentals of meditation, where we were introduced to the wonders of this practice. They provided us with a friendly and nurturing space in which to learn and I hope to be a part of another workshop in the future. Thank you!”

What to Bring

The Totnes Natural Health Centre provides mats, cushions, blankets and chairs. You are welcome bring your own if you prefer.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that you feel confident to move in. Layers are recommended, so you can best regulate your body temperature. It is particularly important that we have warm layers for seated meditation and full body relaxation, also known as shavasana.

Time to Breathe with Adam

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