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In depth | Yoga and the Chakras Workshop

Join us for our half day ‘Yoga and the Chakras’ Workshop that dives deep into the mysteries of the chakras; the psycho-energetic centres of our being. We will be exploring the most popular chakra system from the yogic tradition (the six chakra system).

Date: Sunday, 16 January 2022
Location: The Angel, South St, Totnes TQ9 5DZ
Time: 2pm-5.30pm
Cost: £25
What to bring: See below

The chakra system can be seen both as:

  • a tool for understanding the different levels of the human being, from gross to subtle; and
  • a tool for developing awareness.

We will explore both the history and theory of the chakra system, but also practical insight through a guided practice of hatha yoga – the traditional form of yoga specifically designed to align the energies of the body and help us develop intimacy with the chakras.

You will receive comprehensive materials so you can continue your learning and practice at home.

You will learn:

manicure chakra

The history of the chakra system as introduced by the yogis and the place of the chakra system within the tantric path.

svadhisthana chakra

How an understanding & intimacy with the chakras can benefit us physically, mentally and emotionally.

anahata chakra

Each chakra represents a specific frequency in the ocean of universal energy. We will learn about the unique characteristics of each chakra and the specific resonance that stimulation of each chakra connects us with.

muladhara chakra

Practical insight: We will conclude the workshop with a practice of Hridaya Hatha Yoga – a practice specifically designed to align the subtle energy centres of our being and a method of gaining direct knowledge of the chakras.

Scholarship Opportunity

We are offering a scholarship place on this workshop, open to persons with limited financial resources. To apply simply message us explaining why you feel inspired to join.

We will contact the successful applicant two weeks prior to the workshop.


What to Bring

Bring an open mind – as with most things, the more open you are the more you are likely to get from the workshop.

Please bring a cushion to sit on and yoga mat (if you have one, we have spares) and a water bottle – water available on site. Feel free to BYO mug if you fancy a cup of herbal tea.

We will be in the gorgeous Angel Gallery, which is warmly heated by infrared, but please bring cosy layers (the body temperature can drop when seated for longer periods of time).

Bring a journal and pen for taking notes.


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