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Self-inquiry Workshop in Totnes, Devon.

The Self-inquiry method of Ramana Maharshi is a very direct practice for Self-revelation. Join us for this Self-inquiry workshop in Totnes where we hope to deepen your understanding of his teachings.

Date: Coming Soon
Location: TBC
Time: 10am -4.30pm (including lunch break)
Cost: £45 or £30 for low income

Coming Soon

We will be exploring the inspiring teachings of Ramana Maharshi in an accessible and practical way.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the timeless wisdom of these teachings will support you in revealing the very core of your being. You may know it as the Self, atman, the Witness Consciousness, Hridaya, the Spiritual Heart, the Ineffable, or any number of other names. Whatever you call it, its what’s calling you to look inward.

You will receive comprehensive materials so you can continue your learning and practice at home.

We will explore:

The Self-inquiry method of Ramana Maharshi. A very simple and direct method for revealing the Self or witness consciousness.


The Witness Consciousness. The innermost silent awareness that gives us the feeling that existence is and continues, even in the absence of thoughts, sensations, emotions, etc.

‘The witness consciousness’ has been hailed as the great discovery of Indian spirituality.’ ~ Georg Feuerstein


Aham-Vritti, The Whirl of ‘I’ or The Pure ‘I Am’. Ramana recommended an important approach to Self-inquiry known as the ‘Method of Bringing Aham Vritti Back to its Source.’ This method consists of investigating the nature and the source of the pure ‘I am’-feeling as the best way to realise the Self. 

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Four different meditation techniques to help deepen your understanding of Self-inquiry. We will introduce two meditations inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi (Hridaya Meditation and bringing the pure ‘I am’-feeling back into its source), a guided meditation that will bring a deeper understanding of the nature of thoughts and the witness consciousness, and a guided meditation inspired by the teachings of Paul Brunton (a deciple of Ramana Maharshi).

Coming Soon

Scholarship Opportunity

We are offering a scholarship place on this workshop, open to persons with limited financial resources. To apply simply message us explaining why you feel inspired to join.

We will contact the successful applicant two weeks prior to the workshop.


What to Bring

Bring an open mind – as with most things, the more open you are the more you are likely to get from the workshop.

Please bring a cushion to sit on (if you have one) and a water bottle – water available on site. Feel free to BYO mug if you fancy a cup of herbal tea.

We will be in the gorgeous Angel Gallery, which is warmly heated by infrared, but please bring cosy layers (the body temperature can drop when seated for longer periods of time). Plus, it is super cosy to meditate wrapped up warm.

Bring a journal and pen for taking notes (although we will circulate comprehensive materials about the meditations so you can continue your practice at home).

“There’s a voice that uses no words, listen…”


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