Namaste and welcome. Our names are Sabina and Adam. We have a joint passion for sharing yoga in a way that is authentic, affordable and accessible.

We teach a variety of yogic practices including meditation, hatha yoga, and prāṇāyāma. We also offer a variety of spiritual themed lectures covering topics such as the chakras, yogic ethics and wider yogic philosophies.

Defining ‘yoga’ in an all-encompassing way is not simple. There are many branches, overlapping aspects, philosophies, practices and nuances that fall under the umbrella of yoga. The Sanskrit root of ‘yoga’ is ‘yuj’ meaning to ‘yoke’, ‘bind’ or ‘join together’, also indicating ‘oneness’ and/or ‘union’. At the deepest spiritual level, yoga is about revealing our essential nature. Through Self-revelation we realise that there is no separation between anyone or anything – everything is One. This tenet of yoga is known as ‘advaita’, meaning ‘non-duality’.

The profundity of Oneness is something that can be truly understood by the rational mind. The yogic path is principally based on direct knowledge and for most people this involves the regular practice of yogic techniques that purify the body and mind, such as meditation and hatha yoga. This is very much the spirit in which we practice and share yoga at Kalyan Yoga.

We hatha yoga teach throughout the week in South Devon. The style of hatha yoga we practice, named ‘Hridaya Hatha Yoga’ is for everyone; from those with a budding curiosity to those who have been practicing for years. Hridaya hatha yoga is a form of classical hatha yoga practiced in a contemplative style. The practice is performed with the eyes closed and we generally hold the asanas for longer than other styles of yoga. This helps us to interiorise and connect with the more subtle aspects of our being such as the energy centres, (chakras), and our true essence that can be perceived as a dynamic stillness. We often describe this style of yoga as ‘meditation in motion’, a bridge between being and doing. Yoga does not discriminate, and this style is inclusive of all bodies.

Meditation has always been the core of our practice. We were both deeply inspired after completing meditation retreats, and have continued a deep exploration into meditation. Once we have started on the path of meditation, it is impossible to ignore the indescribable richness that meditation can bring to all areas of our lives. We share meditation workshops and retreats around the UK, as well as free online meditation meet ups, to share this passion with others. Our workshops and retreats are ideal for beginners, as well as advanced meditators. Each workshop and retreat is comprehensive, you will be guided through meditation sessions and presented specific techniques, all designed to guide you in a journey of self re-connection.

We feel so blessed to be sharing these practices and teachings that have had such a profound impact on our lives. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing in the joy of yoga.

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