‘Tapas’ – what on earth are the yogis talking about?

For some of us, especially those who are relatively new to the yogic path, may have heard of the term 'tapas'. But what, exactly, do people mean when they talk about practising tapas?... The term tapas originates from the Sanskrit root 'tap', which means to give off heat, to shine (like the sun), or to practice austerities. Tapas is often used to mean self control or cultivation of willpower. From a formal point of view,…



Before completing my training in Mexico at the end of last year, Sahajananda (the main founder of Hridaya Yoga) affirmed the importance of perseverance. Below we have a short story about Milarepa and his foremost disciple, Gampopa where a similar message was conveyed. I have included a few more quotes as well, to consolidate this essential attitude for any spiritual aspirant.  Milarepa’s Bottom One day, Milarepa warned Gampopa that the time had come for him…

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