‘Tapas’ – what on earth are the yogis talking about?

For some of us, especially those who are relatively new to the yogic path, may have heard of the term ‘tapas’. But what, exactly, do people mean when they talk about practising tapas?… The term tapas originates from the Sanskrit root ‘tap’, which means to give off heat, to shine (like the sun), or toContinue reading “‘Tapas’ – what on earth are the yogis talking about?”

Green Tara Mantra

Tara is the goddess of compassion. From the Sanskrit root ‘tr’; ‘Tara’ means to ‘take across’, referring to Tara’s role in helping us to traverse through samsara (‘world of illusion’). Her mantra: ‘Om tare tuttare ture svāhā’, is one of the most well known mantras in the tantric tradition (there are over 72 million!). MantrasContinue reading “Green Tara Mantra”